Vintage TV Cabinet Transformation

Vintage TV Cabinet Transformation

This past year, Andy and I have discovered the thrill of an auction. It’s quite an art learning when to raise your number card, when to restrain and the value of waiting on the good stuff. This Vintage TV Cabinet was one of those great auction finds. It was the end of the auction and we found ourselves packed in the back room with a pile of dirty old furniture. Most of the bidders were tired and had acquired what treasure they’d come to conquer. This is our sweet spot. When stuff starts going cheap! We’d just bought a fabulous find for only $1 when this piece caught our eye.  The speaker screens on the sides gave this beauty the makings of an upcycle! We ended up paying more than we normally do…a whole $12, and what started off as a project to sell ended up made its way into our home as a coffee bar.  See how this little lady came to life!

When it’s really dirty, just start

When we begin an upcycle we often don’t have a final vision, just a hunch. When it’s really dirty, we just start. This one actually had an odor and we weren’t positive it could be covered. So we started by dissembling the cabinet doors, handles, particleboard backing, and speaker walls. This made the project easier to scrub clean and work with. Then it got a good sanding to remove the dated stain. Andy started with a heavy git sand paper and moved to a fine git to give it a smooth finish. This takes time, but is a crucial step you don’t want to skip.  The smell had almost disappeared after washing and sanding, but by adding the first primer coat it had been covered completely. That was a happy moment, and with the foundation work done we were beginning to see where this project was going!


Upcycle with durability in mind.

We were officially going to adopt this one! It was going to be our new coffee bar and would need a surface that could be wiped down…a lot! Andy used a high-gloss pure white for the top coat that would make the top easy to clean often. The screen covers also got a coat of white to update them, but the fabric behind them could not be salvaged. Did I mention the smell?  We had some extra plywood in the garage that was cut to size, and got a layer of bold color. Since it was going in our home, we opted for some personality. Our current favorite is fire orange spray paint. Shiny silver pulls were added to complete the modern update.


The piece fits nicely in our breakfast area next to our kitchen. Erin added a touch of fru fru and now these piece gets much attention from our guests. It also provides some extra storage for our girls toys and coloring books. Beauty and functionality!


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