An Elephant in the Room!

An Elephant in the Room!

So you’re not artistic? Ya, we aren’t either. But we’ve learned you don’t necessarily have to be artistic in order to be creative. You just need some dowel rods, heavy duty glue, your favorite spray paint, and you’re good to go. When our original sunburst mirror project went south, we turned a bunch of sticks into funky elephant art.

Here’s a quick supply list:

  • Dowel Rods (We used about 60-70 cut to varying lengths…18-24 inches)
  • Liquid Nails
  • Spray Paint
  • Scissors
  • Large sheet of paper
  • Backing strips (We used left over 2″ blinds…any thin piece of wood would work)

Next, lay the dowel rods out on a flat surface. Tip: Pick a place where you can leave them to dry overnight. We opted for varying lengths, but you could certainly line them up for a square or rectangle look.

Once you have them laid how you like, measure the width. This will determine the length of your backing strips. We used two 2″ backing strips. Cover the backing strip with a bead of Liquid Nail, and press firmly against the dowel rods. Be careful to not let the rods move around.






This is where you’ll need a little patience.  Cover the back with spare lumbar and place something heavy over the top to apply pressure.  Use the recommended drying on your particular glue.  We let it sit over night to ensure a solid hold.

Now it’s time for fun! Cut out a picture of your favorite animal, shape, or design on the sheet of paper.  We drew an elephant just for kicks. Make sure it covers all the dowel rods to prevent overspray. Gently tape the paper down leaving only the area that will be spray painted. All that’s left is spray painting with your favorite accent color.

When using a piece of paper as your art template, you will notice a small blur around the edges of your design. We think this ads a nice touch. However, if you wanted a more crisp image, we recommend taping off the dowel rods with painters tape. It would be more difficult, but not impossible.

And there you have it. A funky, one-of-a-kind piece of art to hang in your home. When your friends ask, “Where did you get that?” you’ll have the pleasure of sharing your creative art skills.

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