Week Two – Grandma tells of Pancakes and Chicken necks

Week Two – Grandma tells of Pancakes and Chicken necks


There’s one rule you quickly learn about the Comers….always have dessert. We stand by it! In fact, I’d like to make a dessert from “A Calendar of Dinners”. What should it be–lemon layer, peach shortcake or hurry up cake? For now, I must share Mrs. Malone’s  special dessert. I had the pleasure of tasting it last Monday evening and have been thinking about it all week!


  • Melt a stick of butter
  • Add chopped nuts if you like
  • Add 12 oz chocolate chips
  • Stir until melted
  • Pour over your favorite ice cream and watch the magic happen!

Mrs. Malone is a nutritionist and quickly noted this should only be a treat. By golly it’s a good treat!


Speaking of treats, I had so much fun this week with my Grandma as she reminisced about the kitchen of her youth. She can be described as serious but quick to laugh, creative before her time, and she tests her paint colors on the kitchen stool.  I love that about her.  She makes the best doughnuts. Ask my kids. They try to make them with her about once a year. And we gobble them up with delight.


Grandma grew up on a farm. They worked hard. Even to this day she and her sisters work circles around the generations that followed them. It was special to hear stories about her growing up years. She spoke mostly about her mom. I don’t remember my Great-Grandma, so these conversations are dear to me. I feel that if I’d had met her, I would like her. Grandma matter-of-factly told of “the amount of work they went to just to get a meal on the table”. With such a heavy statement her voice was still light and, laughter accompanied her memories.

“Great-Grandma cooked all day. She’d cook and think of what to cook next”! Don’t we do that now? That thought still happens everyday.  We laughed discussing what dinner will look like in 50 years. One thing’s for certain. It will still be a daily concern for the cooks after us!


She recalled there was meat at every meal. Bread was home baked every day. Each morning the boys milked cows, and Great-Grandma would strain it and take it to the cellar (a hole in the ground with bricks all around to keep milk and eggs cool for a few days). It was the equivalent to their refrigerator “When the milk went bad, she’d make it into cottage cheese”, grandma cracked-up.

One of her favorite memories was of pancakes. “We only got pancakes when the calves were born. The momma cows would be giving extra milk, and we’d make extra butter. Mom said you have to have lots of butter with your pancakes”.  Of course they made their own. She and her sisters turned the wheel on their two-gallon glass churn until the milk changed into butter.  Hearing the fondness in her voice was like she could almost remember the taste.  Just one time, I wish I too could taste that fresh butter on hot pancakes. What a taste that must have been.

I think Great-Grandma was a hard worker. Probably had little time for fun, but when Grandma told me how she’d kill the chickens, I loved her spirit.   “She didn’t want the chickens to see her coming. She felt bad for them, so she’d stick a piece of paper over their heads, tie a string around it, and held onto that string while she chopped their necks! I don’t think anyone else did it that way,” Grandma chuckled. “After she’d scalded and singed them to get all the feathers and fuzz off, she’d wash them with soap. It was a wonder there was any taste left after she was done”! I love that story, and the recount of her brothers fishing early in the morning to to bring home a fresh catch for breakfast. “I’d fry up the fish and it would taste so good. I don’t even like fish now, ha” she mused!


There are so many fun memories they couldn’t all be recorded in this one post! I’m happy to report part two is underway with more on running water, kitchen counters, and microwaves! I can’t wait to share in a few weeks.

Next week I’ll report on that dessert mentioned earlier and a special adventure in the kitchen…egg balls. You read correctly, egg balls. Grandma found a second book in her treasury of a basement from 1895! It mostly tells of ways to pick the best meat like don’t pick goose with orange legs. Pick one with white legs. It did however include a few quick recipes like egg balls. I’m going to give them a whirl. Who knows they may be the new rage?!

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