How Our Dinner Compares to 1920

How Our Dinner Compares to 1920

My family loves old stuff so any time I visit mom or grandma I always leave with something new that’s old! This Christmas I gained a new treasure. A book titled ” A Calendar of Dinners”. It contains a meal plan for a WHOLE YEAR! A Calendar of Dinners

Can I get a witness on how much time goes into meal planning and grocery shopping? I’ve long dreamed of a year’s worth of meals planned out that’s affordable, easy and that my family will actually eat.  I’ve attempted to make weekly dinner schedules and scanned Pintrest for smart ways to stay ahead of the dinner planning monster but try as I may, I still don’t have a good plan ..ha. So when I came across this book published in 1920, I couldn’t help but laugh. Apparently this issue has plagued women way before our time!

Dinner January OneAnd So It Begins!

So an idea came to mind. No I don’t have A Calendar of Dinners for you (I wish), BUT I do invite you to a fun project: Comparing dinner from 1920 to dinner in 2017. Each Monday I’ll post what was for dinner that week in the book and what was actually for dinner in our home. Fun! Just keep in mind they assumed I’d have a chef and maid on hand to help out…I don’t. It’s just me (and Andy often helps too). I also wish I was strict on healthy, but we normally cook what the kids will eat plus a veggie or fruit.

Dinner on January One 1920

A Calendar of Dinners Take Two

Check in often to see what’s on the menu for dinner each night then and now. I promise you’ll share a laugh and smile at how things have changed and yet stay the same. There might even be a few recipes you’ll add to your family meal plan and hopefully you will share some of your favorites with me! I can use the ideas for sure! Here’s to a fun year.




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  • Joanna

    Erin, this is great! We were able to find a few cans of black eyed peas and made a sort of cold salad with them, onions, mustard, and carrots. Cold is good when you live near the equator! I’m looking forward to following your family throughout the year 🙂

    • Erin Comer

      Likewise Joanna! I’d like to try that salad someday!

  • Lori

    This is so much fun, Erin! Your grandmother’s sweet memories are priceless. Keep up the great work!

    • Erin Comer

      Grandma is our special gem isn’t she?! By the way Aunt Cate, I got a handheld frother for my coffee! Thank you for sharing yours!

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