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ways to reuse spaghetti jars

6 Ways to Reuse Spaghetti Jars

Stop throwing away your spaghetti jars! There are dozens of ways to reuse spaghetti jars if you’ll take a second and give it some thought. Sure, you could recycle them and “save the planet” or you could upcycle them and save a few bucks. Spaghetti jars are perfect for organizing,...

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How to Make a Bathroom Vanity from a Buffet

Buffets are the best! No, I’m not talking about the restaurant kind…although those are pretty sweet too! I’m talking about the furniture kind. They are beautiful, timeless pieces of furniture that are functional for many different uses: coffee bars, tv cabinets, entry tables, accent pieces, etc. One of our...

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We Survived a Kitchen Remodel!

If you’re a fan of the 1970s Brady Bunch kitchen, then you would have LOVED this one. That is…until Erin and I destroyed it. Literally. When we bought this house, our intention was to simply update the countertops and appliances. We were even contemplating painting the existing cabinets for a...

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A Grandslam Upcycle!

To say that Erin’s dad is a fan of baseball is an understatement. He. LOVES. Baseball. In fact, there’s an entire room in their home dedicated to his baseball memorabilia. He even has a pair of stadium seats from the old Arlington Stadium where the Texas Rangers played until 1993....

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An Elephant in the Room!

So you’re not artistic? Ya, we aren’t either. But we’ve learned you don’t necessarily have to be artistic in order to be creative. You just need some dowel rods, heavy duty glue, your favorite spray paint, and you’re good to go. When our original sunburst mirror project went south, we...

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